Mission: Our Purpose


Welcome to The Genius Group

Simply said, we do transformation – with communities, leaders and organizations. The Genius Group/ TGG provides organization strategy and grant-making design support to private foundations; technical assistance and capacity building support to the grantees of foundation-funded initiatives; and solutions for managing growth & change, strategic planning, financial management and diversity & inclusion to nonprofits and social enterprises.

TGG partners with philanthropy, committed leaders, organizations and social movements to develop and establish their vision. As a trusted adviser, we work with clients to manifest change where it is needed most. Using the tools of strategy, analysis and engagement, we help clients to achieve the following:

  • Excel. In a world of ‘just okay’, TGG partners with clients to clarify their unique assets and execute their advantages to achieve their best.
  • Sharpen Strategic Vision. All journeys begin with clear direction. TGG helps clients craft a road map for their vision.
  • Bridge Gaps. Balancing optimism and practicality, TGG helps clients close the gap between aspiration and execution for greater impact.
  • Take Action. There is no substitute for action. TGG helps clients mobilize for meaningful action to realize superior results in an excellent way.
  • Leave a legacy. TGG helps clients plan for leadership succession and sustainability to ensure their work is a guidepost for generations to come.
Vision: What We Hope For


The Genius Group envisions a world where:

  • We pursue vital missions and work hard to make hopeful ideas real.
  • Each person secures an excellent education, quality healthcare and meaningful work.
  • We honor and celebrate human differences, enjoy healthy communities and embrace shared values.
  • Each human spirit has a fresh start unfettered by poverty, and rich in dignity.
  • We respect the vulnerable and defend silenced voices.

We build this world together – kakra, kakra (Twi for ‘one slow, intentional step’ after another)!

History: Where It Began


Inspired by the ingenuity and determination of social entrepreneurs working to address society’s most pressing needs, Milano Harden founded the Genius Group (TGG) in 2002. During this time, Harden continued to observe exceptional change agents lacking access to start-up capital and capacity building supports. Ironically, these individuals were often doing the heaviest lifting in the hardest places with the least resources. TGG was established to provide these pioneers equitable access to the management consulting that shapes effective leadership and organizations.

As a former foundation executive, Harden also recognized an opportunity to provide a missing link between philanthropy and community partners. Foundations wanted more evidence and certainty of outcomes. Communities needed more capacity and recognition of their assets. TGG exists to bridge this gap anchoring evidence-informed strategy to assure community improvement.