Mission: Our Purpose

Welcome to The Genius Group

Simply said, we do transformation – with communities, leaders and organizations. The Genius Group/ TGG provides organization strategy and grant-making design support to private foundations; technical assistance and capacity building support to the grantees of foundation-funded initiatives; and solutions for managing growth & change, strategic planning, financial management and diversity & inclusion to nonprofits and social enterprises.

TGG partners with philanthropy, committed leaders, organizations and social movements to develop and establish their vision. As a trusted adviser, we work with clients to manifest change where it is needed most. Using the tools of strategy, analysis and engagement, we help clients to achieve the following:

  • Excel. In a world of ‘just okay’, TGG partners with clients to clarify their unique assets and execute their advantages to achieve their best.
  • Sharpen Strategic Vision. All journeys begin with clear direction. TGG helps clients craft a road map for their vision.
  • Bridge Gaps. Balancing optimism and practicality, TGG helps clients close the gap between aspiration and execution for greater impact.
  • Take Action. There is no substitute for action. TGG helps clients mobilize for meaningful action to realize superior results in an excellent way.
  • Leave a legacy. TGG helps clients plan for leadership succession and sustainability to ensure their work is a guidepost for generations to come.