Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Profound race-related inequities exist on almost every quality of life indicator and persist in communities of identity and place. Through its Equity & Innovation practice, TGG helps organized philanthropy take its place in history expanding access to vibrant opportunities for quality of life and human dignity. TGGs rendition of equity work balances the conceptual and concrete.  Through careful analysis, TGG helps philanthropies conceptualize how:

  • various racial/socioeconomic groups have differential access to opportunity, power and resources; and
  • how various social exclusions animate these differences.

Equity work is also concrete.  TGG works with foundations and communities to amend inequities impact by:

  • designing community-anchored interventions;
  • building supported leadership and organizations.

TGG is accelerating equity innovation in the philanthropic field. Partnering with the Association of Black Foundation Executives and philanthropic organizations, TGG designs executive education to support courageous Next Gen leaders executing powerful vision and strategies.

Ultimately, TGG seeks to unleash a virtuous cycle of health and achievement, disrupting the pernicious links between race and geography.  We dream a world where all children thrive and enjoy barrier-free living.


  • Fred Hobby, MHA, Institute for Diversity in Health Management, American Hospital Association, Chicago, Illinois
  • Susan Batten, Ph.D., Marcus Walton, Association of Black Foundation Executives, New York, NY
  • Rusty Stahl, President, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, New York, NY

Stephanye Yang, Making Money Make Change, Tides Foundation, San Francisco, CA