Organizational Effectiveness

A nonprofit or social enterprise’s organizational health fuels outstanding performance. Increasingly, organized philanthropy appreciates that vibrant nonprofit partners are the linchpin for successful strategy execution. Enlisting the tools of Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness, TGG helps clients build the bench strength for outstanding performance and long-term success.

Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness

Taking the client’s particulars into account, TGG helps clients chart a powerful future and address a range of strategic planning goals. TGG assists clients to:

  • Envision and articulate a compelling strategic direction;
  • Write a clear blueprint to guide their efforts;
  • Strengthen their team’s effectiveness;
  • Execute their tactics and plans;
  • Facilitate retreats that explore critical issues;
  • Powerfully communicate their work to key audiences.

With a clear strategic plan in hand, TGG helps clients to:

  • systematically build organizational capacities;
  • implement strategic goals and program plans;
  • build internal team effectiveness and alignment;
  • grow operations to an appropriate scale;
  • develop sufficient resources to sustain impact over time.


  • Nathaniel Q. Smith, Founder & Chief Equity Officer, Partnership for Southern Equity, Atlanta, GA
  • Audrey Collier, Executive Director, Scottdale Child Development & Resource Center, Scottsdale, GA

Bill Vandenberg, Director, Democracy & Power Fund, Open Society Institute, New York, NY