“Milano Harden and The Genius Group, Inc have all the tools to help their clients achieve great results. Milano listens deeply, identifies core strengths, clarifies focus, and then jumpstarts people with the resources and connections for real traction. Milano has a great capacity to both empathize with clients while also moving them from point A to point B so that they realize the goals that are before them. Together with his impressive team at TGG, Milano has been instrumental in unlocking the potential of our organization and in helping IAVA move out of the start up phase into the premier organization for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.”
- Paul Rieckhoff Founder and CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
“As we integrate into AARP, Brian and Milano have been highly skilled at supporting the Experience Corps team in optimizing the rich assets of such an influential and enduring American institution while at the same time encouraging us to retain the unique aspects of our culture which have made Experience Corps such a successful tutoring and mentoring intervention. Also recognizing that exponential growth is core to our long term plan, they have helped us to institute change management as a integral part of our organizational culture.”
- Lester Strong VP and CEO, AARP Experience Corps
“There are two kinds of genius that leadership must master if it truly wants to mobilize and unleash the power of its human capital; cognitive genius (reason, rational, critical thinking) and emotional genius ( feeling, connecting, engaging). Both together enable leaders to lead and teams to produce. Nobody, simply nobody helps mission driven organizations tap the power of their collective genius better than The Genius Group.”
- Toby Thompkins Vice President, Tides 21st Century